David Qu

Managing Director & Founder
Senior M&A Advisor & Business Intermediary, MBA, CEPA

With over 20 years of business experience and industry expertise that have helped many Fortune 500 companies navigate business challenges resulting in meaningful sales growth and profit expansion, David thrives at helping those around him succeed by adding tangible values with measurable returns. His primary goal is to apply his experience working as a trusted advocate – whether you are selling, buying, or growing a business to get the most return out of your investment.

David understands that you will only sell a business once. It’s your hard-work, your legacy, and your wealth.  He will be your trusted partner in business transitions, help you navigate the unknown & uncertainties in confidence with expert advice.


David gained years of business strategy and M&A transaction experience with global companies in a multitude of industries. In his recent roles, he led the strategy and M&A functions at Fortune 500 B2B industrial companies, including Johnson Controls, TE Connectivity, and Gibraltar Industries. He created business growth plans and closed M&A deals ranging from $2M to $250M in valuation. In the process, David advised many business leaders, general managers, CXOs, and board of directors. He knows the buyer perspective and has insights into how incremental values are created. David also cultivated an extensive global network of business professionals in many industries. He also has access to a broad group of strategic buyers including global PE firms.

Prior to becoming a global business executive, David was a management consultant at Kearney, a top global management consulting firm. As a trusted advisor to many Fortune 500 and private companies and business leaders, he helped clients achieve step improvements in top-line growth and bottom-line efficiency that resulted in measurable growth in shareholder’s equity. See below for highlights of his work.

David started his career at Ford Motor Company and Pratt & Whitney as an engineer in a wide range of roles that included: advanced manufacturing engineer of precision aircraft engine components; design engineer for automotive systems; research, testing, and development engineer of vehicle performances; supply chain project manager for key product launches and emerging market sourcing projects; and supplier quality manager over 12 tier-1 automotive manufacturing sites.

His broad business and technical background enable him to quickly assess a company’s unique value proposition, capabilities, and potential beyond current financial performances. This expertise empowers him to confidently advocate your business to a wide group of stakeholders with creditability.  David is married with two boys and enjoys cooking, photography, cycling, & travel.

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Angela Qu

President & Co-founder

Angela has been the CEO of her household while managing multiple family transitions globally across the U.S., Europe, and Asia in recent years. She is skilled and highly effective at research, project management, and cross-cultural communications.

Prior to her family CEO role, Angela was a real estate and international marketing professional. Her skills and experience in contract reviews and negotiations allowed her to successfully represent many real estate clients in U.S. Angela also gained brand management, digital marketing, and event marketing expertise while working at Unilever and Nokia’s global marketing teams. Her professional experience spans across Asia, South America, and the U.S.

Angela is a graduate of the National Taiwan University (#1 university in Taiwan) with a B.S. International Business. As President and Co-founder of Rimonark Advisors, Angela brings her professional marketing, project and contract management skills to best help clients achieve smooth and fruitful transitions.


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Highlights of David’s Past Work

Our expertise from decades of experiences ensures you get the world-class advice to accelerate your business growth and wealth creation

We have practical hands-on expertise in the transaction of businesses. Our experience covers the entire deal transaction process, including business strategy formulation, target identification, relationship development, Letter of Intent creation (LOI) in competitive & non-competitive processes, business & financial due diligence, business valuation, financial / deal model analysis, synergy analysis, negotiation of agreements (purchase & employee), Integration planning, and deal closing. Our expertise expands across industries and companies of various sizes, examples include:

  • multiple startup companies in technology, automotive, and manufacturing automation industries
  • multiple technology companies in the agriculture technology and bioscience industries
  • wireless technology company in the automotive industry
  • construction and project management company in the agriculture technology industry
  • medical clinic in the healthcare industry
  • climate controls company in the HVAC technology integration industry

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Our business strategy and management consulting provide us with the expertise you need from a trusted advisor refine your business strategy and plan for inevitable business exits, entirely or in part. We have proven best practices to help you capture the maximum value from your business’s cash flow.

With the goal to expand shareholder value, we have helped multi-industrial companies carve out product portfolios and individual business units for sale. Our work supported companies’ efforts realign product portfolios to its core business, expand profitability by selling low-performing BUs, and adjust to continued shifts in competitive dynamics in the marketplaces.

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We have led multiple post acquisition business integration efforts in various scales and industries. Our work included integration planning (structure, organization and people), project planning & management, integration workshops, team management, metrics and performance tracking, deal synergy capture. Our experience covered large-scale multi-workstream projects and individual functional teams. Examples of our work include:

  • planning and execution of a $250M technology manufacturing company
  • planning and execution of a $50M manufacturing company in the agriculture industry
  • execution of sales & marketing functional work-stream
  • execution of supply chain management and procurement work-stream for synergy (savings) capture at a $2B industrial manufacturing company

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We have helped companies of all sizes (from $12M to $40B+) developed growth strategies and led execution of 3-year to 5-year strategic planning efforts. We are experts in efficient market research and organic & inorganic growth strategy formulation. As well as outline of wholistic plans to ensure feasible and successful execution. We developed business strategies and led strategic planning at:

  • a $14B+ global technology manufacturing company covering eight industries
  • a $8B+ global automotive and transportation business
  • a $6B+ global chemical technology company in the transportation industry
  • a $3B+ global electronics component manufacturer in aerospace, energy, industrials, and medical devices industries
  • a $200M+ agriculture technology and construction company in the U.S.
  • and business advisory for retail pharmacies, medical clinics, and consumer goods companies

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Marketing and Sales are the foundation to business growth and are intimately connected with business strategy. To work well, they are best to continuously inform each other mutually. Our expertise in this area expands across multiple functional disciplines. They include: Marketing brand strategy, content planning, digital marketing strategy & execution, new brand launch, sales funnel enhancement and integration with CRM, account management, sdales process improvements and metrics, and sales & operations planning. We have:

  • created a new brand, its identity and strategy based on in depth scientific customer persona research
  • launched a new brand with all new content, website, digital marketing efforts, PR in 4 months
  • outlined detail sales funnel stages and criteria and integrated with multiple CRM systems
  • selected and collaborated with digital marketing agencies successfully executed marketing strategy
  • created sales annual plan with detailed marketing, sales, and distribution initiatives
  • supported sales teams in account development efforts with customers and strategic collaterals
  • developed online store and product pricing strategy

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The purpose of strategy is to enable business owners make informed choices and tradeoffs, often times with the resources we have. Optimal and intentional capital allocation is critical to ensure the business owners achieve their financial goals. We have helped many organizations and leaders make informed choices. Our expertise include articulation of strategic objectives, capital spend assessment, R&D project evaluation, Product portfolio return analysis and more. We have:

  • measured and reprioritized research and engineering resources and project portfolios in consumer goods and technology manufacturing companies
  • evaluated capital expenditure and their return on investment for a $6B+ company
  • streamlined product offering choices by identifying real customer needs and real cost to serve

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Supply chain management covers all functional activities outside of the four-walls of a manufacturing plant. This definition includes master planning, procurement, quality and warranty management. Our expertise have been applied to global fortune 500 companies to help them become more efficient, faster and better at serving their customers. Our practical experiences have help our clients saving hundreds of millions of dollars in operating costs, which expanded their profitability and owner’s equity. Select examples include:

  • redesigned the entire precious metals supply chain management system for a global chemical company
  • published a professional white-paper on agile supply chain, click here to access the article
  • redesigned the quality management function for a global transportation manufacturing company
  • defined and aligned sales & operations planning criteria at a global climate control technology company
  • negotiated a number of procurement contracts for clients in aerospace, defense, consumer goods, heavy equipment manufacturing companies
  • published a professional white-paper on balancing quality priorities, click here to access the article

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Inefficiency in manufacturing and operations create holes in businesses where profits leak out. Much value and wealth can be created or destroyed depending on how efficient a business is run. Our expertise resulted from years of experiences in working the best of the best across industries and geographies. We have worked with Japanese Sensei side-by-side on the manufacturing floor, on an automotive assembly line at high speed, and pharmaceutical batch manufacturing processes. Our experiences encompass a broad list of lessons learned, including where best practices in one industry fails in another. Let our expertise save your time and resources and accelerate wealth creation for your business. Select examples of our experience include:

  • streamlined a cellular manufacturing line with CNC machining process for the Aerospace industry
  • launched an all new automotive vehicle structures system representing $85M investment
  • spearheaded a 90% capacity expansion initiative for a retail pharmacy for prescription fulfillment operation
  • assessed manufacturing capacity for a pharmaceutical manufacturer

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Businesses David Has Worked With

Near 25 years of business experiences and industry expertise in areas of business strategic planning, merger & acquisition (M&A), post merger integration, product management, and operations (including design & development, supply chain management, manufacturing, and quality management)